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4 Things You Should Keep In Mind At A Seafood Restaurant

Think of seafood as a visit to a jeweler, you have many options to choose from but you must choose the best one. Seafood can smell weird if not cooked well and can result in terrible stomachaches and headaches too. You would then have to visit a doctor for probable food poisoning. Here are some ideas for the next meal you will have at a seafood restaurant:

Seafood and summer go well together
If you are looking for a delicious healthy supper or dinner meal you can opt for seafood, you can enjoy it with your family and loved ones too. You must decide on smart options when you decide to have seafood as prawns can be high in cholesterol and fat too. Think of options that include vegetables.

Begin your meal with a salad
 Firstly, start with a salad and ignore that tempting bread arrangement and converse with your family members. A vegetable salad is a safe option if you are opting for a healthy meal. It will curb your hunger too as you consume a hearty meal with high fiber and vitamin content. The vegetables consumed are a healthy match for the seafood main course you have coming up next!

Opt for the raw bar
If you are dining with others and they suggest sharing some appetizers you must opt for the raw bar. Most food items found on a raw bar are healthy meal options even if it’s at the best cocktail bars in Melbourne in town. You must remember that food like oysters, shrimp and clams are very low in calories but high in protein and some even have vitamins. Oysters are good seafood options as they are high in omega three fats. Remember that cocktail sauces are high in sugar as well as salt so dab a bit on to your plate. You can add some lemon or lime juice accompanied by some Tabasco sauce for that spicy edge. Tabasco sauce contains anti-inflammatory factors like capsaicin that helps with stomach problems and digestion.

Avoid chowder
Chowder can come in the form of clam, fish or even lobster bisques so stay away from soups that are full of cream and unwanted fats.  You must eat soups which are broth based with vegetables, but remember to control the amount of sodium you eat too. Remember that the best seafood restaurant out there would have an influx of unhealthy chowder options so ask the chef to whip up something good with low sugar, salt and oil. You can skip soup if you want as there are many other healthy seafood options to choose from but if you really love chowder you can order a small cup size and share it with a loved one.

Remember to eat food carefully and love what you eat as some of us become what we eat. Do not pile on the calories with heavy appetizers and cream based soups. Think carefully and eat smart.

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